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Move Out Day...

Move out day checklist

On the day you move out of your Fineholm property we will meet you at the property at a pre arranged time to check you out of the property. If you follow the tips below, full return of your deposits should be quick and easy.  

  • Please ensure that all your personal belongings have been removed and you are ready to leave the property on the agreed date, any delays may result in an additional charge being made.
  • All sets of keys to be returned on the day of the final inspection.
  • One forwarding address to be provided.
  • Copy of your utility bills to finalise accounts.
  • Safe Deposit will return the deposit within the legal timescale, providing there are no disputes.
  • It is the tenants responsibility to ensure that the standing order has been cancelled.
  • We shall only check the inventory supplied at entry. If you have an amended inventory, please ensure that it has been signed and dated by a Fineholm representative in accordance with your Information for Tenants. If you require a copy of the inventory then please do not hesitate to contact our office.
  • The items on the inventory must be in their original place. Failure to do so may result in the visit being prolonged and therefore an additional charge being made against the deposit.
  • Ensure all light bulbs are replaced.
  • Ensure all smoke/alarm/carbon monoxide detector batteries are replaced.
  • Ensure all broken/lost items are replaced with suitable substitutes.
  • Ensure gardens/balconies are clean and tidy.
  • Ensure property is clean and tidy throughout (read our cleaning tips)


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