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Tips for Cleaning your Rental Property

Tips for Cleaning your Rental Property

1. Windows 

Ensure cleaned inside and out

2. General cleaning

All rooms should be clean and tidy (inc hoovered throughout, paintwork/woodwork washed down where necessary, skirtings wiped down, mirrors/glass polished)

3. Bedding/Towels 

Sould be freshly laundered and ironed and stored in a tidy fashion and all beds should be made up.

4. Kitchen 

Check all appliances are cleaned inside and out (inc ovens, fridges, freezers, microwaves), discard all foodstuff (inc fridge/freezer),. defrost fridge/freezer,. ensure all cupboards are cleaned inside and out,. ensure all crockery/cutlery/glasses/pots are clean, extractor fans cleaned,plugholes cleared of debris

5. Bathroom

Extractor fans cleaned,. plugholes cleared of debris, grouting cleaned and mould removed,. shower curtains/screens washed

6. Move furniture

And clean underneath

7. Sofa covers/ upholstery

should be cleaned where necessary and sofa cushions vacuumed and cleaned underneath.

8. Mattresses checked for stains

And if necessary, stains removed. 


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