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Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Tenancy deposit scheme – we now have time to reflect on how the tenancy deposit scheme is going for all parties, what problems are occurring and, if the process is working. The good news is that on the whole, the process is working. Tenants are being checked out, advised of the findings there and then, with this being confirmed by email to both landlord and tenant, normally within 48 hours. Should there be a difference of opinion in findings, the bulk of these are ironed out before we get to ADR however there are of course instances where a middle ground cannot be reached (currently this is around 1% of all deposits returned – pretty low!) Who is winning their cases? Well stats from www.safedepositscotland suggest that the results are mixed.

The main item that is being disputed is cleaning, and with such an objective thing, it will probably always be the case. What is key for all parties is the inventory and the check out report. Fineholm does stress this to landlords and tenants and we highlight that the inventory should be returned approximately 10 working days after check in to tenants. This is then used at the check out to reference against. It is a key piece of literature. Fineholm have attended a number of workshops lately, who give further guidance on getting the full return of deposit amount requested. To date we have only fully lost a couple of cases, some have been split and the rest awarded in our favour. We are working hard to make sure we get as close to 100% as possible!


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