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I came across an interesting report recently regarding rising rents across Scotland     (


Its normal at this time of the year for us to see a big dip in demand from would be renters given we are now in the run up to Christmas - however demand has remained high up to a few weeks ago. With strong demand we normally see increased rents so I would say that in practise I would agree with the report. Rents have stayed strong in most spots but definetely the Edinburgh and the Lothians continues to overshadow rent rises in the West. 

In the West  its a different story, location, location, location continues to be key! Most areas have held strong rent but we are definetely seeing a big drop in prospective tenants so rent are coming down a bit. We aren't seeing queues of tenants looking to take a 2 bed flat within walking distance of town but there are still a good few looking! From a tenants point of view its good news - now might be the time to be looking for a new flat!


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Now might be the time to be looking for a new flat! Sally
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