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What would you do if your tenant misses a rental payment?

Are you covered?

It has been widely reported in the news last year that following the change in the “bedroom tax” and the cuts in benefits that there are far higher rent arrears now than ever in the private sector.

Fineholm do not have a large number of tenants in receipt of benefit however we have seen how these changes have affected the regular payments of rental monies to tenants. With the current economic climate, a job for life is a thing of the past and more and more tenants are struggling to make rental payments. Furthermore, with more awareness of tenant rights’ and more charitable bodies offering advice, tenants are acutely aware of what they can and cannot do whilst renting a property; this coupled with the overall compensation culture means that landlords can find themselves in a position with no rental income.

Fineholm do minimise this risk with rigorous tenant reference and credit checks prior to a lease signing, with guarantors in place if necessary (checks are also carried out on guarantors). However for extra peace of mind, Fineholm offer a rental guarantee and will carry the risk and ensure that the rent is always paid to you even if the tenant doesn't pay. Currently 50% of Fineholm landlords have this cover in place. The cover can be put in place for each individual tenant and cancelled at your instruction. For more information contact

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