Should I bother “staging” my rental property when I am trying to find a tenant?

06 Dec 2017

I cannot stress enough how important it is to “stage“ or dress your property when you are trying to find the right tenant for your rental property. Would-be tenants make instant decisions on whether to even bother viewing a property based purely on the photos which showcase your property online – so if they don’t like what they see in the photo, they won’t even consider it, let alone step inside!

The property has got to look good in the photos, unless you literally have  a queue of perfect tenants waiting to take your property, and lets face it, in reality tenants have a lot of choice so make sure that your property looks better than the one next door and secure a perfect tenant quickly.

I have made a video blog of a rental property which we staged for marketing purposes and I think you’ll see the difference a few cushions and throws make, and I can’t stress enough the sheer wonder of fresh bed linen! If you do nothing at all in the room, at least make up the bed with decent (matching!) bed linen. It doesn’t mean you are provided in for the tenant, in fact in most cases, we suggest to clients to remove it prior to the tenant starting their lease but we see it as essential for marketing the property, especially for photography purposes. A couple of side lamps help enormously and don’t scrimp on the cushions!

I have added some before and after shots to give you some ideas…



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