Buy to Let Property – Keep it or Sell it?

23 Sep 2020

We own a small 1 bed flat that was bought back in December 2018 with a sitting tenant- it’s in Denniston which is a popular spot in Glasgow for young professionals both buying and renting.

The tenant left a few months back – and the flat needed a refurb. So we got the builders in and within 4 weeks they have finished and it looks fab. So my dilemma now is this – should we sell it, or should we rent it out again?

Let’s look at the figures:

Purchase Price £49,000
Total Costs inc fees £13,000
Total Investment £62,000
Potential Resale £75-80k

Potential Rental Income £575pm (less factor fees £50)

So we would definitely make a gain of at lease £15-20k on this but if we keep it, the headline yield is over 10%. Now I need to buy some furniture to rent it so need to put aside about £750 but even at that, it’s a fab return.

Get your thinking caps on – keep it or flip it – what would you do?

Refurb - Then, Rent or Sell

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