Calling all Potential Investor Landlords!

02 May 2019

Over the last couple of years Fineholm have been solidly building a base of investor Landlords; these Landlords have often been based overseas and as such are relying solely on trust, expertise, knowledge and great working relationships, from the earliest of steps; From initial advice right through to the daily maintenance calls from tenants, and if we carefully look at it from start to finish the possible end sale of that investment property.

Investment Property Journey Investment Property Journey

An investment property is different for each and every landlord but there tends to be an over-riding theme for overseas Landlord. It is purely a short or long term investment. They will probably never see the property. They will probably not know the area that the property is in. Chances are they have never been there and probably will never visit. It is not for anyone to ever live in. BUT it must make sense on paper. It must create a good return.

It is an absolute necessity that a good working relationship is built and that there is a strong trust in the agency and its’ staff to know that the landlord is going to see that return and from start, to finish they are going to see a professional service. Fineholm staff care. They care that the right thing is done, that the level of service delivered is high. Training is regularly given and many staff are fully qualified. Overall however there is an abundance of knowledge and expertise that is readily available.

It is relatively easy to look at properties online and think it would rent out ok and of course in the traditionally known areas this again is even easier but if you know where to look and what rents out well then another element is brought in and the pool of properties to look at and invest in is higher.

If you are looking to invest, we can source properties from £50,000 with annual yields of 8% – it’s got to be worth a phone call?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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