Why are the cleaning costs so high?

01 Dec 2016

Ever since I have worked in Lettings…and I’m afraid to say that it is about 20 years now…the biggest bone of contention between tenants and landlords has been cleaning and the associated costs.

Cleaning is subjective but only when it comes to a specific standard – overall cleanliness is fairly obvious. A general room of thumb applies – would you, as an individual, be happy to move into the property, unpack and start living there. If the answer is no – it needs a clean.

Quick Deposit Returns on a Clean Rental Property

If it’s just “a wee wipe down” who should carry that out? It is difficult when put like that to a tenant but the problem needs addressed.

Cleaning costs at the end of tenancies are higher than if you have a cleaner that comes in on a weekly basis and that is to do with turnaround time and often the level of cleanliness required. Cleaning bills are much broader than just cleaning and can include light bulb replacement, uplift of rubbish, laundry – but these things will be itemised.

This can also occur when it is a new property that comes on and sometimes it is the landlord that then has to pay to make sure the property is delivered at a certain standard.

Each step of the way though, Fineholm do advise on costs and what standard of cleanliness is expected, lists are given to highlight areas of concern that are often missed and costs are outlined – the more transparent we can make it the easier it is for all concerned. And lastly, if you do have questions come and ask us – far easier to chat about it early on than deal with the problem after it has happened.

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