‘A’ Class Customer Service

06 May 2016

This week we at Fineholm continued our dedication to providing ‘A’ class customer service by undergoing exceptional training by Elaine Bovill!

Fineholm's Customer Service News Team

This has had a positive effect on all staff and we have enjoyed practising on one another! The staff were split into two groups for a morning and afternoon session and the training included interaction, role play and questionnaires. It was very informative to see who were controllers, reflectors, connectors and creators! We have embraced everything Elaine said and have kept her motivational charts up in the kitchen to encourage all of us. We would very much like to thank her for her time it was much appreciated.

On another topic we would like to wish Sharon one of our dedicated team members the best of wishes as she is off on maternity leave! We hope to see her back very soon!

Next week we will update you on the property market in general so keep a look out.

Happy Customers