Rental Property Regulation Updates

05 May 2016
Landlord Newsletter - February 2015

We wanted to remind all our landlords about some new regulations and recommendations relating to your rental property. We know that our landlords want to make sure that their tenants are safe and you are meeting all the legislative requirements.

With that in mind, here’s a quick update on the newer regs:

Legionnaire Risk Assessment

Legionnaire Risk Assessment

We wrote about this late last year and we are pleased to tell you that the company we appointed to undertake our risk assessments have now started to make arrangements with tenants to get access to carry out the assessment. Unless you have contacted us to inform us that you do not wish us to carry out the risk assessment you will receive a copy of the risk assessment and invoice (£75 plus VAT) once the report is received. This could be any time in the next 6 months.

If you have any questions please contact

Smoke Alarms

Mains interlinked smoke alarms are now required in all rental properties. We are checking the properties as they come back onto the market and if necessary arranging for additional units to be installed by a qualified electrician. The recommendations are one mains smoke alarm in every communally used room and every hallway, the kitchen should have a heat detector installed and dependent on the size of the kitchen, a smoke alarm too.

We will contact you for authorisation regarding additional units should they be required, upon tenancy changeover.

Prices vary dependent on number of alarms required and position.

Smoke Alarms Required for Rental Properties

Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO2)

Gas Safe Engineers - Annual Gas Safety Checks

New recommendations from Gas Safe Engineers following annual gas safety checks suggest that all rental properties should house a carbon monoxide detector in every room which has a gas appliance. Although this will be flagged up by the engineers at the annual gas check, we will also be checking the properties following a tenancy changeover. Should your property not have a CO2 detector (s), we can supply them. In an effort to keep costs down for you, we have bulk bought these units and will be able to supply and deliver them for £20 per unit.

Of course, we will contact you for authorisation prior to arranging.

Inventory Update

We now recommend that your inventory is updated every 2-3 years following the strict regulations imposed by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. If your property is becoming vacant and a new tenant is due to move in, your property manager will contact you if they feel your inventory requires updating to minimise any issues arising following a deposit return.

We appreciate that costs continue to rise for landlords, so we will be offering inventory updates at £45 plus VAT.

Rental Property Regulation Updates

If you have any questions about any of the above please get
in touch with your property manager or maintenance manager.

Rental Property Regulation Updates

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