Short term summer games letting for Glasgow 2014

05 May 2016

Fineholm always strive to achieve more for our customers and are extremely focused on ensuring that we meet their needs. To that end, when we began receiving enquiries about short term lets this summer, we looked a variety of options which could help our landlords and came up with a viable solution: short terms lets for the Commonwealth Games. This idea has proven incredibly popular and has resulted in us renting out many of the available properties for this period.

We were very honest with landlords on the suitability of their property and whether we thought it could potentially attract tenants. This meant that we had to advise some landlords that their property was unsuitable; whereas others were delighted with the prospective return.

We’ve received enquiries from all over the world and established very positive relationships with corporate companies and future landlords who will be renting out their properties on short assured tenancies after The Games.

Let’s hope The Games proves as successful as our short term let campaign! We would like to wish all Scottish athletes the best of luck in their events. Come on Scotland!

Happy Customers