Periodical inspections are important to both landlords and tenants

05 May 2016

We often get asked why we carry out inspections on properties at all and also why they are required so frequently (we perform these checks quarterly on all the properties that we manage fully). Periodic inspection reports are vital to ensure that we have a record of the property and how the tenant is conducting their tenancy. That means that we minimise maintenance issues for the landlord and tenant, and we reduce any disputes that may arise at the end of the tenancy concerning the deposit and dilapidations.

Clearly most landlords want to be confident that their property is being well maintained by the tenants , so we reassure our landlords by carrying out quarterly visits to the property and emailing through photographic reports.

Property Inspections for Landlords and Tenants

See a few examples here: example 1 | example 2 | example 3

These reports show landlords how the tenants are living in their property and also check on some obvious maintenance concerns, like whether there are signs of damp, are the tenants adhering to the stipulations of their tenancy i.e. not smoking in the property, not having additional persons living in the property, are there pets present, is the garden being maintained.

We also check on whether there are any signs of water ingress, is redecoration required so that we are able to keep on top of maintenance without solely relying on the tenant reporting these issues.

We find that landlords really appreciate knowing in advance if they should be budgeting for works at their property.

For tenants the inspections allow them to raise outstanding maintenance issues or point out problem areas, and they also provide a history to show how they have maintained the property throughout their tenancy. This report can help with any disputes that may arise at the expiry of their tenancy. For example, if the pictures show marked paintwork on one wall in the bedroom throughout the entire tenancy which was reported as suspected water ingress, and we or the landlord attempt to incorrectly charge you for a repaint, you can refer back to these reports!

We also offer a “Tenant of the Month” competition which allows tenants a chance to win a £50 M&S voucher, if they are the winner of the best presented property!

Inspections are crucial to ensuring you know how the property is being maintained, even if our findings are not good, and the property is in a real mess, its allows us to attempt to remedy the situation. Of course every inspection is not perfect and items often need addressed, whether that’s to say to the tenant – you need to tidy up, you need to clean the oven, you need to cut the hedge. Its better to know than not to know! We will always report back to the landlord and deal with whatever issue has arisen.

Our mission is not to check whether tenants are washing up and putting their laundry away, we don’t mind if tenants are messy, but we do mind if you are smoking and haven’t hoovered the carpets in 6 weeks!

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