Rent or Buy?

06 May 2016

There is plenty of news just now about the possibility of rising interest rates. Why then should we even bother buying?
The private rental sector in Britain is now larger than in France – traditionally perceived as a nation who rents. Furthermore the number of people who own their own home has been falling year on year since 2007. That unsurprisingly means that the rental market is strong and demand is high. Over the last 10 years the overall quality of rental accommodation has improved hugely and there are great benefits from renting.

Why Rent?

The population throughout the world has become so mobile and Scotland is no different. Renting therefore offers the flexibility and freedom that buying sometimes just cannot offer. If you only plan to stay in an area for a short period of time, or just aren’t ready to settle down, renting is the most cost-effective thing to do. If you are on contract work or travelling then renting is the right thing.

When buying, you are also making a big financial commitment, and in modern times do you want all your money in your property? Dependent on your stage in life then maybe, but no longer does it mean that you are not getting ahead in life – rather making a choice due to lifestyle. Renting also leaves the tenant free from the responsibility of repairs, maintenance costs etc (so long as the tenant does not damage property themselves and acts responsibly).

The “best games ever” has just finished and the focus has now moved through to Edinburgh and the biggest Arts festival in world. Renting short term has proved necessary for both Glasgow and Edinburgh and we have shown that we have good quality rental properties for all sectors in the market.

Is renting therefore right for you? More and more people certainly seem to think so! Have a look at our properties now available:

  • Property for rent Glasgow
  • Property for rent Edinburgh

Or if you need tenants, rest assured we can find good quality tenants! See our managed services.

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