Smoke Alarms – what type do I really need for my rental property?

05 May 2016

Being a landlord is confusing, VERY confusing

Legislative requirements change all the time and it can be difficult to keep up!

So I thought it might be useful to clarify what is required for smoke alarms in a rental property. The absolute minimum requirement is one mains smoke alarm unit wired to the mains fuse board in any property over one level, if the property is over 2 levels then the property requires a mains smoke alarm which is interlinked and wired to the mains fuse board over each level. In addition to this , which again I stress is the minimum legal requirement, the recommendation for rental properties in Scotland is to have additional hard wired units in all communal rooms (e.g. living room, dining room) and a heat detector in the kitchen, if the kitchen is dining sized then there should be both a smoke alarm and heat detector installed.

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So if you have a modern 2 bedroom flat with a small kitchen running off the living room then it should have 3 mains alarms installed if you follow recommendations, one in the hallway, one in the living room and a heat detector alarm in the kitchen. If you have a large tenement one bedroom flat with a dining kitchen it should have a 3 alarms too, one smoke alarm in the hall, one smoke alarm in the living room and both a heat detector and smoke alarm in the kitchen (NB you can get combined unit for heat detector and smoke alarm which do both on 1 unit, saving wiring!)

Hope this helps but if not, feel free to email me for some advice!

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