Get Your Rental Property Ready for Viewings

14 Mar 2019

First impressions count for everything so when you are preparing your property to “go live” on the rental market you need to make sure it looks its best. A well-presented property will attract the best tenant – one who will look after your investment and pay the best rent.

What should you consider?

  • Décor – neutral tones with fresh paintwork work best in rental properties. Consider giving it a  freshen up – if you are unsure as to whether you should bother painting it, the answer is probably yes. We find popular colours like pale greys and whites work best- magnolia is a bit outdated.
  • Furniture – if you are offering the property furnished then the furniture should be fitting with the property and also the type of tenant you are aiming to attract. For example,  If fits a family you want, don’t put desks in all the bedrooms, that will attract students. Old, faded stained furniture is not acceptable nowadays  – but it doesn’t need to be brand new – a couple of scratches are ok! The lifespan of furniture is much shorter (about half probably) so it will need to be renewed. Ikea is your new best friend
  • Consider staging your property (or getting your agent to do it) – a staged property with made up beds, soft furnishings, lamps, some plants is proven to generate a higher rent in a quicker time!
  • Curtains and blinds – should be provided for all properties – furnished or not. They must be clean and functional.
  • Lampshades or light fittings should be provided – furnished or not. They should be clean and importantly, fully loaded with working bulbs – there is nothing more off-putting than a dark property where no one has bothered to replace a bulb!
  • Appliances – white goods are normally supplied in all rental properties whether they are furnished or not. They MUST work and if you supply them, you must be willing to replace and fix them. Manuals ideally should be provided.
  • Cupboards – these should be empty. Leaving all your stuff is not acceptable, tenants need storage too!
  • Garden – should be neat and tidy
  • Check your curb appeal! – are your windows clean, do the gutters look clear, do your windows need a lick of paint – this is all important to a prospective tenant too
  • Finally and most importantly, clear your property of clutter and getting cleaning. Cleaning is the single most important thing you can do to help to attract a tenant so get out your marigolds and your scrubbing brush (or get a cleaner in!)

Get Your Rental Property Ready


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