Glasgow Makes #7 on the Highest Yielding Areas in the UK!

20 Jan 2017

Rightmove recently released its Q4 Rental Report which offered some interesting figures on how the central Scottish rental market has been performing.

The most exciting item on the report for me, obviously!, is the fact that Glasgow has made it onto number 7 on the highest yielding areas in the UK!

That’s pretty good and reassures me and all our clients that buy to let in Glasgow is a great place to invest. With yields of almost 7%, it certainly makes more sense than leaving your money in the bank.

High Returns on Glasgow Rental Properties

Rents have gone down Q3 to Q4 but that’s a seasonal reflection, summer is still the best time to try to rent your property and the worst time to try to rent somewhere as a tenant. Rents over the whole of Scotland have gone up by 1.4%.

Edinburgh is the 4th most in demand area outside London which is no surprise to me, we just can’t get enough property on to rent in Edinburgh as a whole…

Check out the full report: here

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