I’ve just got the keys to my new property, what do I need to check?

18 Oct 2017

Moving in Check LIst

Its so exciting, your property purchase has completed and you are the owner of a new property. You’ve just picked up the keys,  and whether you have bought it as an investment to use as a buy to let, or you are planning on moving in yourself, there are some really important things you need to check as soon as you move in.

I thought it would be helpful to create a checklist to remind new homeowners what they need to check – I’m guiltier than most for being over-excited but you have a set time frame for reporting any issues which there might be in the property, its normally 5 days you have to report them to the sellers solicitors, if something which should be working is not, so it’s important that you are focused!

  • Check the locks are working and you have been given a working key for every lock, outhouse, bin store, communal area
  • Take meter readings of gas and electricity
  • Test the heating system and all radiators are working
  • Test the hot water is hot ( in all outlets) and cold water is working in all outlets
  • Test the shower (s)
  • Check drainage
  • Check toilets are flushing
  • Check any white goods left are working ( washing machine, fridge, freezer, dishwasher etc)
  • Check cooker
  • Check oven and grill
  • Check extractor fans are working ( kitchen/bathrooms)
  • Check smoke alarms (if they are mains wired)
  • Check all lights are working
  • Check windows open/close ( if expected) and lock /unlock where possible.
  • Check alarm working where possible
  • Check communal entry system is working

If you do come across something which isn’t as expected you should report it to your solicitor, it might be something which the seller needs to address as it may form part of your contract. The property should be empty, there shouldn’t be any of the former owners possessions left in the property (unless agreed of course!) it’s so nice when you get the property all clean and tidy, which is most of the time, but if it needs a clean, it’s normally the buyer who would have to arrange it unfortunately!

Let me know if I’ve missed anything by emailing me

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