Is January a good month to find new tenants for my rental property?

27 Dec 2017

January is a fantastic time to get your rental property on the market – it’s the perfect time to catch the New Year, Fresh Start market!!  They might be upsizing, downsizing or completely relocating (it’s also a really popular time for couples to split up so 1 beds are particularly in demand!)

Christmas is over, everyone’s focused on staying motivated in the New Year so grab them now!

So why should you market your property in January?

  • Would-be tenant are fully motivate

Most prospective tenants are fully motivated  in January, they are focused on achieving their aim- maybe Christmas at home for the “first time renter” market was stressful enough and it is definitely the last one they want at home with their parents- so they start looking in earnest for an affordable , comfortable property that they can call their own! The same applies for the “Split up January market” – Christmas is over and its time to cut the cord – there is a real spike in couples splitting up over Christmas, and this market is probably the most motivated to find a rental quickly!

  • Rightmove’s stats DOUBLE over the New Year period!

Rental Property

Apparently Rightmove’s  page views dramatically increase in the New Year with 3.3 million visits on New Years’ Day! Everyone is spending more time at home, trying to save some pennies, spending a lot more time than normal on line, stoking prospective tenants ideas

  • Aspirations are high

Aspirations are high in the New Year, it’s the whole fresh start, clean living thing I think! If you have properly staged your property in order to find a great tenant at the best rent you can achieve, prospective tenants will see them themselves on your cosy sofa, drinking herbal tea, having been for a jog, and eaten a healthy home cooked dinner in the clean, yet cosy kitchen you present!

The market is there to be grabbed in January so it’s a fab time to market your rental property!

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