09 Jan 2018

With Christmas now long forgotten we have been inundated with new buyers registering looking to buy but still there are not enough properties on the market. Over the last 24 hrs we have agreed 3 sales and set a closing date for another property, this is more than what we did for the whole of December!.

New Year, New HomeOver the last 3 years January has become one of our busiest months with new buyers and properties coming to the market. We have found December is becoming quieter with many active buyers taking a step back from house hunting, focusing on other things or going on holiday. This means there is pent up demand and usually a flurry of activity once everyone is back to work so it really is a great time to market your property for sale.

Many sellers think that Spring is the best time to market but this seasonal market is not as prominent as it used to be and we are now seeing a steady stream of activity throughout the year. Why do I think January is a good time to sell?

1. Buyers are in abundance

2. They are focussed

3. Few properties on the market so little competition

I am a firm believer that many buyers think New Year, New You, NEW HOUSE!

So if you want to get in on this action contact the sales team and we can have your property on the market usually within a couple of days: sales@fineholm.co.uk


Happy Customers