Buying vs Renting whilst at University?

06 May 2016

At this time of year it is always very busy due to the number of students looking for the best flat in the best location closest to the Universities.

When a new property comes to market we can have up to 30 people wanting to arrange a viewing within the first 24 hours so competition is fierce and this demand is certainly having an impact on rental prices. This year we have seen an increase in the number of parent investors who have decided to purchase as a long term investment instead of paying rent.

Buying v's Renting whilst at University

Have a look below at the arguments for – and against to help decide which is better for you:


  • Investment instead of spending – this is one of the main reasons why many parents are looking to purchase instead of paying rent over four years. Hopefully over the four years you will have built up some equity (providing you are on a repayment mortgage.)
  • Stability – You will know who will be living in your property and that your child has security over their university years without having to worry about looking for a new property.
  • Options – After the four years you would have the choice to either sell the property or continue letting as a buy to let investment.
  • Repayments – In many cases repayments on your mortgage is less than renting, as demand goes up so do rental figures. We have noticed a significant increase in the rents for any property within a couple of miles of Glasgow city centre- with rents in the city shooting up. To give you some examples, we recently re marketed a small traditional 2 bed property in Garnethill at a rent 30% higher than it was achieving with the outgoing tenant, and it was snapped up at the first viewing. A 2 bed modern flat on the South bank of the Clyde flew at £750pcm and a small one bedroom at Cowcaddens gets 20% higher rent than it was getting in 2013.


  • Flexibility – If you are only looking to stay in one place for a short period of time then renting is the way forward. Most lease agreement range between 6 -12 months and during this period you have absolute security (providing you are not in breach of your contract.) This works for many students especially if they are on a placement year.
  • No repairs/maintenance – In a rented property it is up to the landlord to maintain the property and fix any repairs (providing it was not deliberately broken) Landlords are also responsible for building insurance and factors charges.
  • Less Risk – Whilst renting you have the option to end your tenancy at the end of the initial term, this helps if your finances take a turn for the worse and were unable to pay the rent / mortgage. If you could not pay back the mortgage payments you would be at risk of losing the property

There are pros and cons with most decisions and whilst buying suits one person renting may work better for another. Either way we have a number of suitable properties for buying and for renting so check out our website or contact the office for more information

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