More New Legislation for Landlords…

18 Nov 2019

Energy Performance CertificateEPC legislation was brought in over 10 years ago and introduced a banding scale for all rental properties. Over the years this has been amended until the most recent announcement. In short, all rental properties in Scotland MUST meet a minimum level. We will be looking at all properties managed by us and checking that they comply. Click here for full details on minimum requirements and how they will be enforced.

Minimum Energy Efficiency
The requirements

Minimum Band E at change of tenancy by 1/4/20;
Minimum Band E for all tenancies by 31/3/22;
Minimum Band D at change of tenancy by 1/4/22; and
Minimum Band D for all tenancies by 31/3/25

The full guidance can be found using the following link:

For Local Authorities to monitor via Compliance Notices (where there is a breach of the Regulations) and Penalty Notices (where there is a failure to provide information) Fines:

Up to £2,000 if a property does not meet the required standard for less than 3months;
Up to £4,000 where a property does not meet the required standard for 3months or more;
Up to £1,000 for providing false or misleading information; and
Up to £2,000 for failure to comply with a Compliance Notice

The Future
The Scottish Government is also planning to increase Minimum Energy Efficiency requirements further to Band C, with the that all houses meet that standard by 2040.

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