More Properties Required!

29 Sep 2017

It has been well documented that Scottish house prices have been rising over the past 18 months and this is mainly due to low interest rates and the shortage of available properties. We are seeing more and more properties going to closing date and this is down to too many buyers and too few properties available.

Just to give a quick scenario we placed a small one bedroom flat on the market on Wednesday that requires a degree of modernisation.  Over the last 24 hours we have taken over 100 enquiries, arranged over 40 viewings and received 3 notes of interest and 2 offers. Viewings for this property don’t start till Monday and the likely hood is that a closing date will be set due to the amount of interest received.

Yes the property is in a very popular location in Edinburgh and the old saying ‘Location, Location, Location’ really does make a difference but with the amount of interest in this one property it is a clear indication that more properties are required.

We have numerous buy to let investors and first time buyers registered that are actively looking so it really is a great time to sell.

Get in touch with the sales team if you wish to discuss your property or are interested in this cracking one bedroom before it goes!

Happy Customers