Post Lock Down – What’s looking good as a buy to let investment?

26 Aug 2020

We’ve seen a busy sales market since the easing of lockdown – with low to mid-market property selling pretty quickly. Investors are keen to start or add to their buy to let portfolios (maybe to offer another income stream for many,  with job security at risk, and interest rates as low as they are) so we need to move fast to secure a decent buy to lets right now!

Three Hot Picks!

Purchase Price £ Estimated Spend £ Achievable Rent £ Yield %
Crossloan Rd 82000 2000 575 8.214
Woodhouse St 97000 1500 695 8.467
Aberdour St 67000 1000 500 8.824

Crossloan Terrace – a 2-bed tenement in Govan
Pros: Great Yield of 8% and good factor (low cost)
Cons: Second bedroom off the living room

Woodhouse Street – a 2 bedroom lower cottage flat in Knightswood
Pros:  No factor fees and long term tenant likely
Cons: Windows may need replacement

Aberdour St -a 1 bed top floor tenement in Haghill/Dennistoun
Pros: Low purchase price and fab yield
Cons: No factor

Buy to Let Investment

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