RBS Buy to Let Seminar

17 Aug 2016

Last Thursday I attended an RBS buy to let evening where RBS invite clients who are interested in buy to let investments. Some clients are already experienced whereas other are complete novices looking to gather information on the buy to let market in Scotland in general, how it works in practise and also find out a bit about funding their potential investment whether they are an individual or a company.

I started speaking at these events around a year ago and I have found them to be a really interesting place to meet and hopefully gain some new clients and also to find out people thoughts on the market and being a landlord in practise!

Usually I am asked to offer some information on the state of the market currently, usually specific to the area we are in (last week it was Glasgow’s West End), give advice on being an investor landlord in practise and usually the most popular part is when I suggest some good investment options!

I thought it might prove useful to pop a copy of my presentation online for those of you might be interested. If you are looking for any buy to let advice please get in touch!

Click here to view presentation

Buy to Let Seminar - Fineholm

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