Renting with a pet?

01 Feb 2017

What do you do when you have dog? A cat? Even sometimes a fish? I know, seems silly but the reality is, it is difficult to rent when you have a pet and you aren’t going to give the pet away so you need to overcome this hurdle.

There are some things to think about that will make it easier. Firstly do advise that you have a pet at the initial stage to the landlord or agent. They will have an idea of properties that accept pets. There is no point going to a viewing if the landlord is absolutely steadfast against the idea. The type of property is also important. Typically in larger properties with gardens, landlords will be more accepting of having pets in the property and also in unfurnished properties as there is less scope for damage.

Pet Friendly Property Rentals

Most landlords are however very nervous about renting with pets. They are nervous the damage that the pet may cause and the “unseen damage”. i.e. lingering smells. A basic lease will allow for damages to be covered but it would be worth suggesting adding to these clauses; so having a proactive approach. Agree to more frequent inspections, double deposits are always a welcome addition and importantly carpet and soft furnishing shampooed at the end of the lease, you may even agree to have this done every 6 months.

Advise if the pet is not in the house or day, or goes with you to work for example. And importantly, if you have rented previously with pets and can get a good landlord reference stating this, it would be most welcome and may even swing it in your favour.

So to summarise, it does make renting more difficult but it is not impossible!

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