Sourcing a Buy to Let Investment

07 Sep 2021

Give me £65,000… and I’ll give you £550 per month – BOOM!

This little cracker was sourced for an overseas investor – looking to generate a healthy monthly income without lifting a finger. Key for me when I am sourcing a buy to let investment is rentability – now that might sound obvious but it’s really important- if I source it for a client, and they can’t rent it out at the rent I had anticipated and suggested to my client – I’m not going to feel very good – and nor is my client! So rentability over almost everything.

Here are my numbers :

Purchase Price £ 62,000
Fees and Spend to get in rental ready £4,500
Total Spend £66,500

Rent Achieved £550 PCM (actually more rent than previously anticipated because the market is on fire!)

That’s a return of almost 10% – and did I mention capital appreciation here over the last 10 years has averaged at 3.4%?

Interested in generating a passive income with no hands-on involvement? I can help…

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