Storage is Key

03 Aug 2016

House buyers and prospective tenants always point out that storage is absolutely key when looking for their new home. We have heard potential buyers & tenants saying that the home was perfect in the right location but it was missing storage and therefore have decided to look elsewhere.

This may seem trivial but without adequate storage it can be very difficult to see yourself living comfortably.

So if you are thinking about selling, renting or buying see below our top tips for maximising storage space.

Advice on Becoming a Successful Landlord
  • Purchase furniture with built in storage e.g drawers under the bed, drawers in coffee table
  • Wall mounted storage is possibly the best way on saving valuable space and can be used in all rooms; Hall – hooks for coats, Lounge – shelves for books and paperwork, Kitchen – shelves and rails for hanging pots and utensils, Bathroom – Rails for towels.
  • Is there loft space? – ask about the condition, and if accessible have a look. Lofts are a great space for storing larger items like suitcases & Christmas decorations.
  • Under Stairs – If your staircase is open it is usually easy enough to create an under stair cupboard which is great for storing your hoover & ironing board.
  • Vacuum bags – These are useful if you are short on wardrobe space. When potential buyers or tenants are viewing your home you don’t want your wardrobes and cupboards completely full. Invest and keep items of clothing you are not using in the bags.
  • Floor Saving – If purchasing storage it is best to get tall storage (floor to ceiling) as this takes up less floor space.
  • Garage/Shed – If there is a garage and or shed have this cleared, and if you are buying or renting ask to see the outside space and condition (is it water tight?)
  • Clear out – Before placing your property on the market it is always best to have a good old fashion clear out – if you haven’t used it for a year or two then you probably don’t need it. Fewer belongings means more space and less tidying, organising and dusting!

Hopefully the above is useful and if you have other space saving/storing ideas please share your comments.

Happy Customers