My tenant is about to move in, aside from the legal stuff, what should I be doing in my rental property?

10 Nov 2017

Fan dabby dozy ! (as we say here in Glasgow!) Everything is great and you have great tenants lined up to move into your property. You’ve checked that the legals are all done, so what else should you be thinking about? Here are my top 5 tips for making sure you start out with a happy tenant!

  1. Clean, clean, clean

I feel like I never stop banging on about cleaning but it is the single most problematic issue that we deal with on a daily basis here at Fineholm. If a property is not clean from the start, the problems just don’t seem to go away! Make sure the property is spotless before a tenant moves in, that means everywhere the windows, the wood work, the skirting’s, the light switches , the toilet, the appliances – there is a lot! Everyone has a different opinion on what’s clean – so make sure you don’t give anyone anything to complain about. Our helpful cleaning checklist will make sure you don’t forget anything!

  1.  Replace any older or  grubby looking  fittings/fixtures

By this I don’t mean overhaul your door knobs but have a look around – is there an ancient toilet brush sitting by the loo (urgh!) or has a radiator valve come off and not been replaced? Are blinds running with operational cords? Is the seal around the bath OK?

Check that the stuff you might not have noticed which is fixed to the fabric of the building is fit for purpose and operational and looking OK

  1. Security Check

Check that you have given the incoming tenant a key for everywhere- the front door, the back door, the shed, the communal door, the bin shed – you get my drift! Also check the keys all work –seems obvious but you would be amazed. Have you given them window key locks and do all the windows/ doors open and close as they should.

  1. Furniture (and appliance) check – Dig out the screw driver!

If you are leaving items of furniture check that they are clean (see top tip1!) and also that they are fit for purpose, so drawers work as they should, wardrobe rails and doors are running smoothly, kitchen chairs are solid.  Have you run the washing machine through a  cycle? Turned on the oven- appliances can look perfect but do they work?

  1. Leave a manual of instructions for the new occupant

Moving into a new home is stressful, and it really helps if you leave the tenant a little note of how everything works, where the bins go and when, what bits of the garden they should be thinking about, a helpful neighbour maybe, the best local takeaway!

And finally if you have the time, a bottle of wine or a wee box of choccies always helps build relations from the get go!

Welcome to your new home

Happy Customers