Tips to Stage your House for Selling

16 Nov 2017

When it comes to selling your home you want to highlight its strengths and downplay its weaknesses.  You also want to attract the correct pool of prospective buyers and these home – staging tips may help.

Stage Your Home for Selling

  • De Clutter – This is so important as a cluttered room can look small and will not photograph well.  Also you should consider removing some items of furniture, Professional house stagers often remove up to 50% of clients belongings – I’m not sure if you have to be that extreme but it is worth considering.
  • Floating Furniture – You may well like having your furniture a certain way but whilst selling consider moving furniture around, perhaps away from the walls or taking an arm chair from the lounge and move the bedroom.  Remember you are not buying your home.
  • Decoration – Repaint if required, and again consider choosing a colour that perhaps is not your style but might be popular with your prospective buyers.
  • Lighting – Working lights are a must so make sure all bulbs are working, and have the lights on in all the rooms when showing buyers around.  Most buyers want bright kitchens and bathrooms and the other rooms softly lit.
  • Wall Art & Mirrors – This can break rooms up and the use of mirrors is a clever way to create space.
  • Junk Room – If you have a room with no purpose other than being used to store books, suitcases, old gym equipment etc Please find a use.  Having this extra room is a benefit and even if you don’t use it as a dining room/spare bedroom/family room remember your buyer might.
  • Flowers – The use of fresh flowers does add appeal and gives a homely feel.  Does it add value to your home no but it helps sell your home.
  • Kitchen – People always say the kitchen sells the home.  If you cannot afford replacing the whole kitchen then think about replacing the handles, doors, repainting old cabinets it really does make a difference.
  • Garden – If you have a garden this is a benefit so make it look attractive, cut the grass, remove weeds, add flower pots.
  • Curb Appeal – Have the outside of your property as tidy as possible, clear over grown gutters, windows are cleaned, replace broken roof tiles.


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