Too Scared to Invest? Want an Average 8% Yield?

05 Nov 2019

Fineholm has been around for an awfully long time, over 45 years now and counting.  We have seen almost everything, although nothing ceases to surprise us, and have seen areas grow into “hip trendy areas”, seen some become “not so popular” but most importantly we KNOW what rents, what rents well and KNOW for how much.  We KNOW our market – mid-market, good quality solid properties.  We KNOW how to present these to maximise the rental income.  We KNOW who to target these properties to.  We KNOW how to maximise your yield.  We just KNOW!!

8% Yield

For the last year at least we have been showing you visually through Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin just what works and we can see more of you are listening and watching and maybe, just maybe thinking “I wouldn’t mind getting involved in a bit of that” – it might just work for you.

This isn’t the hard sell, we don’t need to do that;  Follow us on Facebook, watch our Facebook Live sessions, watch what we do and KNOW that we do it well.  We achieve for you 8, 9, 10 % yields and it’s achievable for a rough capital investment of £25,000 (plus mortgage). And what’s more, all you need to do is have a chat with us and of course, invest a bit of money.  From sourcing to refurbishment, to management.  Its hassle-free, your hand is held and you can feel confident that you’ve just got yourself a solid rental investment property.  It might not be where you thought you should buy, it might be for less than you thought you had to spend and you may never want to live in it yourself. BUT that is (probably) not what an investment property normally is.  An investment property is one that makes sense on paper. As an investor you need to KNOW that it is a sensible buy, you need to KNOW that it will rent well.

Follow us, watch what we do, then get in touch and start building the empire, flat by flat. And KNOW that you’ve just made a great decision

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