Under £50k Investment – What can I buy?

09 Jul 2017

This week I had a buy to let investor, a first timer, ask me if they could buy anything which would make a decent investment in Glasgow for around £50k. For clarity this investor meant £50k in total , not a purchase price of £50k plus a spend of £20k! So it got me thinking, is it possible?

Yep it sure is!! And here are the options I found:

I’m maybe pushing it here – its maybe more like £52-53k but its close!!! This little 1 bedroom flat is in good condition, is super close to the city center and will rent quickly to a mature student, young professional at around £475pcm. That’s a yield of over 10%….

Another belter…£45-46k is going to get you this wee 1 bed in Bridgeton, handy for the train, area of generation and rents for £425- 450pcm…Whats not to like!! Yield of 11% plus!!

A little bit more work needed but… Spend £10k in here and your investment of £50k would generate a rent of at least £500pcm. Yield of 12%…

So for £50k investment you could be generating £450-500 rental income per month, that has GOT to make sense!! And these are not dodgy areas where finding tenants can be tricky, these are quick and easy to fill!

Happy Customers