What can I do if a tenant isn’t responding to my attempts to communicate?

04 Nov 2016

We often get asked by landlords what they can do if their tenant is living in the property and paying the rent but seems reluctant to allow maintenance or access into the property?

Perhaps are you the type of landlord who thinks hey what the problem if they are paying their rent I’m not that bothered but perhaps you are thinking what’s going on in my property if they won’t give access?

It could be simply that the tenant is extremely private and genuinely finds it very difficult to allow anyone in, in that case as long as regulatory issues are being addressed and you are fairly confident that there are no serious maintenance issues you could probably overlook it.

Access to Rental Properties by Landlords

Instead of having quarterly inspection you might agree to less frequent ones to appease the tenant.  However if the situation is such that they won’t allow access or respond to communication to access safety checks then You need to take action.

You should make attempts to contact them by all forms of communication phone, text ,email and letter in the first instance and keep a record. If they don’t get in touch the you might decide to give them a certain notice period that you will take access with keys on a specific day and time if they do not get in touch.

If they still refuse access then dependent on the terms in your lease (most t’s and c’s will Include this) you can classify it as an emergency and therefore despite the refusal of access you can force entry on a specific day to carry out a gas safety.

It’s quite unusual for a tenant to be paying rent but being really difficult regarding access but if it does happen to you and you need advice get in touch with us here #askfineholm.

Landlords Access to Rental Properties

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