What helps to make a rental property more appealing?

28 Jul 2016

I thought some readers might be interested in seeing what we would do with a tight budget to make a property more appealing to would be tenants out there. We had an extremely tight budget of approx. £500 given by a landlord who lived overseas to try to help make a property look better to attract a better type of tenant.

The property in question is located in a popular location on Glasgow’s Southside, Shawlands – it’s a very small 1 bed tenement flat with the old fashioned bed recess in the kitchen (fellow Glaswegians will know what I mean!)

This property has been rented out for a long time now and is looking quite tired however the landlord is on a tight budget. So given £500 what can we do to make this property look better.

Here are some before pictures, and after pictures.

A Guide to Making your Rental Property Appealing

Tenants are always looking for something reasonably neutral and while we didn’t have the funds to paint the property or replace flooring, we decided to replace the bed, get a new sofa (secondhand but in great condition!) add some fresh bedding and lampshades and re position the furniture in a more appealing manner. We have also ordered some new roller blinds for the windows in the bedroom.

The type of tenant who will live in this property wants somewhere they can sit and relax, watch TV, eat dinner and they want a separate sleeping area – so repositioning the furniture to create this space was essential in our mind. We think it looks much better and would love your comments!

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