Mortgage Advice

Need a mortgage?

With the huge changes in the mortgage market in recent years seeking the expertise of an independent mortgage adviser is probably more important than ever.

It is easy to go onto comparison websites and find the best rate available but how do you know this is the best deal for your own circumstances and that the lender will approve your application?

Mortgage Advice on Buying Property

Each lender’s criteria differs significantly and issues such as type of employment, having additional properties or buying unusual property types can cause your application to be declined and waste weeks of your time.

An independent Adviser will advise from the whole of the market and use their expertise of each lender’s criteria to ensure you get the best deal for your circumstances, take the stress out of the application process and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

There are fantastic deals available just now on residential and buy to let. We work closely with a team of mortgage advisors who can offer whole of market advice and do not charge you for their service. If you would like to speak with an experienced advisor please contact us. or email Alison Duffin from Clark Boyle & Co directly

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