The Buying Process

The Buying Process with Fineholm

Step 1: Register with Fineholm

You can register in three ways: Register online, phone or visit our office. Give as much information as possible to our Sales Negotiators so that they can determine exactly what you are looking for.

Step 2: The Search

We will match properties to the criteria you specify. Full colour brochures with photos and floor plans can be downloaded from our website and or emailed to you.

Step 3: Mortgage

Research the mortgage market and get a mortgage agreed in principle as this will speed up mortgage application. We always recommend that you should speak to an independent financial advisor.

Step 4: Viewings

Contact the office to arrange an appointment to view.

Step 5: Making an Offer

When you wish to make an offer you can either do this by contacting the office or ask your solicitor to put the offer in writing to us. The offer will then be forwarded to the vendor and a decision will be made. We ask you to provide your financial position and any related sale(s). The more accurate information that we are able to put forward the more serious your offer will look.

Step 6: Sale Agreed

Once the sale has been agreed we will write to both Solicitors detailing the offer and all parties information.

Buying Process:

  • Step 1: Register with Fineholm
  • Step 2: The Search
  • Step 3: Mortgage
  • Step 4: Viewings
  • Step 5: Making and Offer
  • Step 6: Sale agreed
  • Step 7: Draft Content
  • Step 8: Survey
  • Step 9: Conclude Missives
  • Step 10: Completion

Step 7: Draft Contract

Once the Vendor’s Solicitors receive the title deeds and all supporting documents, they will prepare a draft contract and forward this with the supporting documentation to the Purchaser’s Solicitor.

Step 8: Survey

A mortgage lender will either approve the mortgage from the Home report valuation or will inspect the property by one of their appointed valuers. The lender will usually offer the purchaser a choice between a basic valuation report and a valuation report and detailed condition report. Alternatively, if you wish to have a full independent structural survey carried out, you should instruct an independent chartered surveyor.

Step 9: Conclude Missives

Most buyers require mortgages. When the mortgage offer has been received in written original copy and the contracts have been approved and completion date agreed, the purchaser is ready to sign the missives. Both Purchaser and Vendor need to sign their contracts and instruct their Solicitor to proceed. The Purchaser will also need to sign the mortgage offer and ensure that satisfactory buildings insurance is in place.

Step 10: Completion

The completion date will be negotiated prior to missives concluding and finalised when this takes place. On completion the monies are transferred from the buyers Solicitor to the sellers Solicitors account and once this has taken place, the Purchaser will be given access to the property.

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