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Many people when investing don’t like the stock market, and decide to put their money into an asset they understand – Property! The Buy-to-let market is booming again and we can help you be a part of it.

If you want to join the band of buy-to-let landlords, it’s vital to buy the right properties and have them managed by a professional agent!

At Fineholm we have been in the industry for over 40 years and know the best areas and type of property to buy to maximise your rental investment. We have a specialist team who can guide you through the whole process from finding you the right property to buy, offering, getting the property ready for the rental market, type of furnishing and then marketing to secure the right tenant

Fineholm's Buy to Let Property Management

Our top tips when looking for a Buy to Let:

  1. Remember it is an investment – A traditional property is lovely but when renting out it can be costly, look at modern flats that tend to have lower maintenance costs. Do not get carried away about any purchase as a home. It is a business deal
  2. Type of Property – The most popular type of property is a 1 or 2 bedroom flat close to the city centre and Universities. Check out our renting section which offers advice on average rents in each area
  3. Avoid Run Down Areas– Quite simply, this will attract a poor-quality tenant and will cost you money
  4. Right Mortgage – Make sure you shop around to secure the best mortgage, there are number of products on the market so make sure you use an independent financial advisor who can source the best deal
  5. Offering – Before offering speak to one of our team and we can have a look at the property online and advise you of an achievable rent and if any work would be required

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