Accidental Landlord

What is an accidental landlord? Generally defined as those who have attempted to sell their property for some time without success so choose to rent the property and benefit from a rental income rather than wait for a buyer.

If so, don’t panic we can help! We understand this can be stressful time for you as you may feel forced into the position but we can make it a positive outcome for you.

Generally these properties are the landlord’s own home and as such, they have completely different needs and wants. Most important to you is likely to be the type of tenant – you need a tenant who will look after your property, care for it as you would expect, so that when the time comes to sell you are not left with a large redecoration bill!

Accidental Landlord Services

Most accidental landlords are newcomers to lettings so you need to ensure you get professional advice on the rent level, type of tenancy agreement and the multitude of legislation which applies to renting out your property. We offer 3 different service levels for our landlords but we tend to find full management suits best.

Why choose Fineholm?

  • Sourcing Quality tenants quickly – we understand that a tenant who will look after your home is important to you. We listen to your preferences and try to match up the right type of tenant to your property. We will check that they meet your restrictions, pass through strict checks including credit check, employer check and current or previous landlord check
  • Professional marketing tailored to your needs– don’t want to neighbours to know? Many accidental landlords don’t want a big to let board advertising their business to the neighbours, we understand that and tailor our marketing to suit your needs with strong web presence and quality photography
  • Friendly, efficient, trained staff updating you every step of the way. Renting your own home can be difficult, we are sensitive to you and your families needs during the moving time. We will ensure you meet all legislative demands as a landlord to minimise stress
  • Professional property management department– you will have a dedicated maintenance manager who will deal with the day to day management of your property meaning you can build a relationship with one individual
  • Clear fee structure– our fee structure is clear, we will spell out our charging structure at the outset

Happy Customers