Edinburgh City Centre – a guide to the areas

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is the second biggest city in Scotland, next door to its larger neighbour Glasgow. Edinburgh City centre is steeped in History, with its castle having a prominent position sitting high up on an old volcanic rock, overlooking the city centre.

In terms of areas to live, many are very close to the immediate city centre and there are edinburgh hosts a fantastic bus service 24 hours a day, with many designated bus routes. The tram system should also be up and running shortly!

Edinburgh City Centre

City Centre

The immediate city centre is a mix of old buildings and modern units built into small spaces or with contemporary extensions.

Edinburgh’s West End

West End

West End properties epic images of grand front drawing rooms and high ceilings with fabulous stair cases. Of course not all property in the West End is like this but the majority will be old townhouses, some converted into large grand flats.

Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Leith Walk

Leith Walk is a lively bustling area and locals refer to the “top” of the walk or the “foot” of the walk.

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