Applying for a Fineholm property

For some tenants this is the first time they have rented privately so we like to try to make the process of applying for a property as smooth as possible. Once you have viewed the property we suggest you contact our office and start chatting to one of our helpful team to see if you and the property are going to be the right fit for each other!

Guide to Renting Property from Fineholm

Why are you asking me so many personal questions?!

All our properties are owned by individual landlords so each property is unique and has its own unique restrictions on both the type of tenant and the type of lease available so its important that we make sure all parties are happy before we get into the legal stuff.

We do have to ask you some quite personal information about yourself and the other individuals moving into the property – about your employment, salary, contract length, previous living arrangements and also run a full credit check on all tenants over 18.  At this stage we are establishing that you are in a financial position to be able to comfortably afford the monthly rent. We use a referencing agency called Vouch to collate the necessary references.

Once we establish you and the property are a good fit we will ask for a holding deposit  as a gesture of your commitment to the property which goes towards the full deposit (generally 1 months rent) on your move in day. Once the holding deposit is paid we then take the property off the open market and begin the credit checking procedure.

No Tenant Fees

We know times are tough and the cost of living continues to go up. We don’t charge our tenants any fees at all for credit checking or to move into a property – the general rule is one months rent as deposit and one months rent in advance so its affordable to take a Fineholm property!

Applying for a Fineholm Rental Property

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