Moving Checklist

Moving out of a Fineholm property

We know moving house is a busy and stressful time but stay organised and we will try to make it as smooth as possible…

Everyone knows someone who has had a nightmare with a landlord or agent trying to get their deposit returned.

Moving Checklist - Safe Deposit Scotland

Here at Fineholm you can relax knowing your deposit is safeguarded in a government approved custodial scheme.

Once we receive your deposit we transfer it to the approved provider Safe Deposits Scotland who hold onto your deposit until either party requests release at the end of the tenancy.

We aim to request release of your full deposit after your final termination appointment but we need you to leave the property in the same clean and tidy fashion as you found it so follow the tips below and you should receive a full refund.

If you pack your bags and walk out leaving the property a mess it is probable you will not get your deposit returned so please do follow our helpful hints about your move out day.

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